Official Launch – Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica

On May 17th 2018, we did our first official launch for an education program in a Latin american country. It was to conmemorate our legal status in Costa Rica, from now own the foundation: Magos Sin Fronteras Costa Rica is now open for social change in the country! Plus we launch a website:

We did the launch on the traditional cinema called Cine Magaly, in a VIP movie room for 70 people. In the audience we invited several potential allies and sponsors. All of this was mainly put together by Diego Vargas, our country director in Costa Rica, who set up the venue with amazing live music!

The launch included the kids from our program in Costa Rica, who have already been in magic classes for more than one year. The kids from the program where the opener of the event, and they did an amazing job with astonishing magic performances.

Then we got tow people that made this project a reality in Costa Rica tell the story of how this venture started, they are: Néstor and Charles, to whom we are very greatfull for their commitment and hard work to make this possible, and also to the rest of the team in Costa Rica; Alejandro, Olivier.

Tom Verner, our founder, took the stage to remind us of how this dream started

Carlos López, our Latam Director also took the stage to recall our objective: Entertain, Educate and Empower the world’s forgotten children

The evening was topped off by the screening of our documentary of our trip to New York with 6 kids from the slums of Bogotá, Colombia. And just afterwards, we had a surprise…. one of the kids from Bogotá, Colombia was there, live to join us and tell her testimony first hand! We had the pleasure to introduce Tamara!

It was mesmerising to see Tamara tell her story of how Magicians Without Borders has positively impacted her life. It caught all of us by surprise when during her speech she turned her attention to the kids of the Costa Rican project and talked directly to them about how they could make their dreams come true if they put their minds and hard work towards them.

We are so proud that our dream of changing lives in the slums of big cities continues to grow and gain more attention, like this national tv peace made from our launch in Teletica the main tv channel in Costa Rica:

And last, but not least, this is what Tamara from Colombia had to say about the experience:

Hi. I’m Tamara Jiménez, I’m part of Magicians Without Borders Colombia. I am very happy to have been part of the launching of Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica, it was a very beautiful and unforgettable experience. I want to tell you that I am very proud of everything I have achieved so far and what I am going to achieve thanks to magic.
Traveling to Costa Rica was undoubtedly one of the best trips I’ve had so far in my life, but the best thing was having participated in the big launch.

Before this important day arrived I was a little nervous because I knew how important it was, and how meaningful it was that I was there, when the day came it was really incredible, I did magic for the first time with a live music band! There were wonderful people at the event, I was very moved by the fact that I was sharing the stage with the kids from the magic club in Costa Rica. I felt very good in every moment of that great event, I had incredible support, I want to thank all those who made and make all this possible especially to Carlos López who has been my great example to follow and my engine at all times. Also to Tom Verner for making all this happen and for his great heart.

Now that I arrived in Colombia, I feel much more inspired to continue to change the world in a positive way. I grew a lot and learned thousands of things on this trip.
It is a very nice country that I am sure that we will see each other again.
As they say in Costa Rica: “Todo estuvo muy chiva, muy PURA VIDA!”

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