Magic at Maher

November 11, 2015  |  Featured News,Magic in India,Performances

Tom and Chris Yerlig spent four days in Pune performing for the Maher Foundation  —Maher has over thirty homes for abused and battered women and their children. There were many marvelous and moving shows, among them:

  • a show for 200 + women with severe mental disabilities, the hall was filled with smiles and squeals of laughter and delight.
  • performances out in the villages where Maher has centers. We felt honored to be there performing in these beautiful places for calm and excited audiences;  old and young alike have a childlike spirit that is a joy to perform for. We had an exhausting and delight-full day.  We felt  the truth of Gandhi’s words, “India is in her villages.”
  • a spontaneous show for traveling farm workers cutting sugar cane here in Pune at the moment. In a field among their tents and tools, cattle and carts,  a circle of folks gathered. As the sun was slowly setting the universal language of laughter and magic filled the air.

As we pulled away from Maher’s main center to head back to Mumbai, our car was surrounded by grateful, smiling faces, among them, Sr. Lucy, founder of Maher, who said, “You are God sent people for us, you gave so much enjoyment to our children and women. We will miss you so much.  Please come again.”

We will return for sure to marvelous Maher and support with our love, laughter and magic the tireless work they do daily for so many suffering people. The magic is alive!


Diwali rangoli, a floor design, to welcome visitors Tom and Chris 

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