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November 29, 2012  |  Featured News,Media

2012 Society of American Magicians Heroism and Patriot Award medal

In preparation for our 10th Anniversary celebration we will post regular highlights from these past ten years.  Todays post lists some of the awards and recognition MWB has been honored to receive.

  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Presidential Citation
  • Rotary International Global Humanitarian Award
  • Giraffe Project Award (for sticking our necks out!)
  • Heart Spring Award for working creatively with children
  • International Peace Conference, Kyoto, Japan, guest speakers and performers
  • The Vatican International Congress for Circus and Traveling Show People, invited speaker and performers at the Vatican, Rome
  • 2012 Heroism and Patriot Medal awarded annually by The Society of American Magicians
  • Nominated 2008 Vermonter of the Year
  • Recognized by the United Nations in numerous articles in United Nations High Commission for Refugees publications
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