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Our recent trip to El Salvador

This trip was AMAZING, to say the least! In just 5 days we did a bunch of stuff: 6 presentations at public schools. 1 public presentation at a shopping mall with the students of the program! We held 3 magic …
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Our little magicians in company of the top Salvadorean magicians

Happy 2016

A great year! Looking back at all we did in 2015, we are full of gratitud. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, donors, magicians, friends and every-other person we shared something in this wonderful year. Here we want to give you …
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Magic and Hope are alive in El Salvador

In 2005, we met Maricela Medina and Peter Rodriguez in Santa Ana, El Salvador. We were collaborating with Asaprosar, an organization that works with very poor children who live and work in the market place and the garbage dump. We were training …
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Tom and Janet on “Passing 4 Normal” Radio Show!

In March of 2015, Tom & Janet travelled to Baja, CA to perform in some schools and orphanages in and around the town of Loredo. They also spent a couple of days with Acoustic Marine Biologist Michael Stocker and a …
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Magic in India

Janet and I have been here a week and will be here two more weeks .We are also traveling with Janet’s mime teacher, a brilliant British mime, Chris Yerlig. We are performing an average of three shows a day in …
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Blessed in Bogota

  Tom teaches magic to Findesin Orphanage girls Just back from an amazing 2 weeks in Bogotá, Colombia. Every day was packed with wonderful things: – Each week teaching magic to our young magicians. – An amazing weekend Magic Camp, …
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Report from Bogota

  We’re home from Bogota, Colombia after some wonderful performances, impromptu and organized, at Vista Hermosa Hospital and Bella Flor Foundation in the Ciudad Bolivar section of Bogota, Colombia.  We also taught classes for young magic students at Bella Flor. …
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Greetings from Bogota

Here is a photo from yesterday at Vista Hermosa Hospital for children.  Our team of Carlos Lopez of Connecting Smiles (clown, juggler, magician and entrepreneur) and Ryan Bart, (Fulbright scholar, magician and director of MWB’s project in Bogota, Colombia) performed …
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VA Hospital Tour and Magic Training for VETS

VA Hospital Tour and Magic Training for VETS Over the past year, we have felt a calling to work with U.S. Military Veterans. Increasingly, these men and women feel like another forgotten population of people who are victims of war …
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MWB working with the VA Hospital
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