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Magic entrepreneurship on sustainability day

Thursday in CESA Colombia’s most renowned business school, the kids from the magic club where invited to do magic in the event. The kids from the Colombia’s magic club have been receiving clases in entrepreneurship also, because we think this …
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Happy 2016

A great year! Looking back at all we did in 2015, we are full of gratitud. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, donors, magicians, friends and every-other person we shared something in this wonderful year. Here we want to give you …
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The power of sharing your secrets

Magicians live, because of our secrets, if everyone knew them, we would not be of any use in this life. Why, then, teach the secrets of magic? Carlos López the program director for Latin America, spoke on this subject, last …
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Carlos López of Magicians Without Borders in Do Costa Rica

Colombia’s young magicians at TEDxCESA

We could have not been more proud of the young magicians of Bogotá, Colombia, the kids of the Colombian chapter got another once in a life time experience. To be the performing act in TEDxCESA. TEDxCESA was held in one …
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Christmas is for giving back

It’s very important for us at Magicians Without Borders to use magic as a tool to inspire hope. We think it is working, as these two acts of giving back came from the kids of the magic club in Bogota, …
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Meeting Gustavo Lorgia and Dean Gunnarson the great Canadian escape artist

The kids from the Colombian project got a one in a lifetime opportunity. They were invited by Colombia’s greatest magician Gustavo Lorgia to go to his house where they got to meet two Canadian magicians; Cary Tardi, and Dean Gunnarson. …
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A very special class with Joshua Jay

On August 16, the kids of the magic club of Bogotá, Colombia, had a one in a life time experience; a one hour magic lesson with one of the word’s best magicians right now: Joshua Jay.   This opportunity came about, …
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Colombian Kids do a presentation for the 3rd biggest Colombian Bank

On December 18, 2013 Colombia’s Apprentice Wizard program supported by Colombian NGO The Smiling League, was invited to perform on “Novenas with social meaning” in Banco de Bogotá’s main head quarters. This event was attended by approximately 100 people who …
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